Exploring the Great War experiences of
the men from your local community

Downloadable Lessons with associated resources.

2000 'Remember!'
was written and developed by Steve Irwin for
the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum,
Market Square, Lancaster.

Email: kingsownmuseum@iname.com

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Lesson 1
An introduction to the Great War & its Causes (.doc)
Lesson 2
An overview of the events of the Great War (.doc)
Lesson 3
The origins of trench warfare (.doc)
Lesson 4
Life in the trenches (.doc)

Resource-The appearance of a front line soldier (.pdf)
Teacher's Notes - The appearance of a front line soldier (.doc)
Lesson 5

The reaction at home (.doc)

Resource-A recruiting poster from Lancaster
Resource- Two Postcards from Lancaster - Postcard1
- Postcard2 (.jpg)
Resource-Private Hartnell and friend (.pdf)
Teacher's Notes - Private Hartnell & Friend (.doc)
Resource-Army form B. 104-82 (the death of L. Williamson) (.jpg)
Teacher's Notes - Army form B. 104-82 (the death of L. Williamson) (.doc)
Resource-The letter to Leonard's sister - Page1 - Page2 (.jpg)
Teacher's Notes - The Letter to Leonard's Sister (.doc)

Lesson 6
Field work (.doc)

Resource-Planning your visit
Lesson 7-8
Searching the CWGC database (.doc)

Resource-How to search the Internet
Resource-How to interpret a CWGC register sheet (.pdf)
Lesson 9-10
Analysing the results of the pupil's search (.doc)

Resource-How to set up & use a database (.doc)
Lesson 11-12
Writing a 'profile' (.doc)

Resource-A sample profile for Leonard Williamson
Resource-The 1st Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 2nd Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 1/4th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 1/5th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 2/5th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 6th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 7th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 8th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 9th Battalion (.pdf)
Resource-The 11th Battalion (.pdf)

Fact sheet The King's Own Regiment in the Great War (.doc)
Fact sheet The BEF in the Great War (.doc)
Fact sheet The structure of a British Army Division (.pdf)
Fact sheet The rank structure of the British Army Isaac (.doc)

Rosenberg, the regiment's war poet (.pdf)
Links with Citizenship (.doc)