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About Us

23rd August 14

Cumbria & Lancashire Education Online


Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online (CLEO) is one of 10 English Regional Broadband Consortia (RBCs) and is made up of Cumbria County Council and Lancashire County Council. Originally formed in 1998 the CLEO broadband network provides high quality private broadband network for all schools across Cumbria & Lancashire. CLEO also provides a range of additional services supporting the use of broadband technology in the classroom and to support pupils learning at home and for teachers in their work.


The CLEO broadband network together with the 9 other RBCs exclusively deliver the National Education Network (NEN), which is a dedicated education network shared by schools, harnessing the power of broadband technology to deliver unique content and services.


CLEO receives funding, via the two local authorities, from the DCSF Harnessing Technology Grant to cover broadband funding for schools. This is match funded by the local authorities and supplemented by annual recurrent charges to schools connected to the CLEO broadband service.