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20th August 14
The River Eamont is a major tributary of the river Eden. The confluence (where two rivers meet) of the Eamont and Eden is just south of Langwathby. The map shows this confluence.

The Eamont also has many tributaries and brings rainwater from a large area of the eastern Lake District.
The map shows the drainage network of the Eamont. Ullswater and Haweswater also drain into the Eamont.

Ullswater is one of the lakes which flow into the River Eden.

The rivers Eden and Eamont are part of a network of streams, rivers and lakes within the North and East of Cumbria. All the rivers and lakes together make an area know as a River Catchment or Basin. The total area of the Eden catchment is 2288 square kilometres.

The rivers Lowther, Eamont, Petteril, Caldew, Irthing and Gelt are the main tributaries of the Eden. Ullswater and Haweswater are two large still waters in the catchment and there are many other small lakes and tarns.
All of these bring water into the river Eden.