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20th August 14
VC News and Events

New Dates released


Dates have been released for Summer 2012 - Spring 2013 for some of the CLEO VC Content Providers. We hope to be able to release further dates soon....


Tullie House Museum

Journey back in time to the Roman occupation and uncover the mysteries of Hadrian's Wall. Travel through the dark ages and grind corn as the Celts did. 

The Wordsworth Trust 

Dove Cottage, together with the Wordsworth Library, houses what is one of the greatest collections of manuscripts, books and paintings relating to British Romanticism. 

Judges' Lodgings 

Lancaster's oldest town house, dating from the 17th century. Originally home to witch hunter Thomas Covell.  

East Lancashire Goes Global a great success


The unique 2-week event focussing on the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) kicked off at the Burnley & Pendle Faith Centre Monday 20th June, running until Friday 1st July 2011 inclusive. Each day during the two weeks 30 students from local high schools participated in an exciting interactive learning experience to explore the world's response to the MDGs which culminated in a mock UN SUMMIT. Each day students linked with national and international partners via Video Conferencing using Janet Videoconferencing Services (JVCS) over the CLEO network. We were absolutely delighted to welcome Nicola Harrington-Buhay, the Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Programme based in Brussels on Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st followed by representatives from Save the Children (pictured), the UK Government Department for International Development, Think Global, Nigel Evans MP,  the Senior Adviser on International Development for the Archbishop of Canterbury and the SMILE Foundation in Delhi, India.

The 2 week summit is the result of a great deal of work from 4 partner organisations;

  • Globallink
  • Lancashire Global Education Centre
  • Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre
  • Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online

See the UNDP, SMILE Foundation and DfID videoconferences at www.cleo.net.uk/resource/un

The project gets a mention on Nigel Evans MP blog  http://electnigel.com/?p=903

For more information and photo's please visit the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre website http://www.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/web/?siteid=4012&pageid=36360&e=e 

VC from the National Archives


My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen (and indeed History Teachers),

 Are you exercised at the fate of your fellow men labouring under cruel subjugation in Britain’s colonies? Do you not feel that they deserve the same liberties as any true born Englishman or woman?

 The National Archives invites all friends of emancipation to join the celebrated author and orator Mister Olaudah Equiano as he prepares for a number of difficult speaking engagements in the city of Bristol.

 Your students will have the opportunity to work with original documents in order to furnish Equiano with a strong case to convince those still in favour of Britain’s maintenance of this evil trade of the urgent need for abolition.

 This session can be run here at The National Archives in Kew or (new for 2011) be delivered by videoconference and we are now taking bookings for 11-12 and 20-21 October 2011 at: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/abolition.htm.

 You can watch Equiano appeal directly for assistance on YouTube at:


 Or join us on Facebook for the latest news about our sessions:


I crave your indulgence for this missive and thank you, with the greatest deference and respect, for your kind attention

 Mr Joseph Pugh (Gent.)

 Jo Pugh
Education and Outreach
The National Archives
Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 5365

On behalf of the Natural History Museum:

On behalf of the Natural History Museum:

NHM are investigating our videoconference offer for primary and secondary next year.
We may be able to offer multipoint VCs with scientists.
Senior staff are keen to hear from teachers what the best timing for these sessions would be.

I would be grateful if teachers could reply to g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk<
href="mailto:g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk" target=_blank>mailto:g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk> commenting on whether they would prefer
sessions in the morning or later in the day.

So, please contact me to say whether you prefer around 10am, 12 noon or 1pm.
Unfortunately we cannot run VC later than this owing to public programmes in the studio.

Feel free to explain your choice if you have time!

Many thanks

Best wishes

Grace Kimble

Learning Programme Developer

VC sessions available from the Met. Office


Education video conferencing

Book one of our free sessions, available from November 2011 - March 2012

The Met Office is hosting a series of free video conferences for schools and colleges in England. Offering a unique and interactive aid to learning in the classroom, each 45 minute presentation is bespoke, having been tailored around the questions your students want to put us and is delivered by our own weather and climate experts.

To find our more, click here or visit the education section of our website. www.metoffice.gov.uk

This free service is funded by the Department for Education and covers schools in England only. We regret that the terms of our contract do not permit us to accept bookings from schools outside England.

Meet Maximus, Roman Soldier via VC


I currently providing costumed workshops for schools and museums including Birdoswald and Tullie House , please see my website below for details. I have recently been contracted by OpenZone in South Tyneside to provide my Roman sessions, via their VC facilities , to schools in the area. I am linked to four schools simultaneously, appear in full costume as a Roman Centurion to explain life as a  Roman soldier and show and describe soldier's equipment. There is a short break in the broadcast when the pupils take part in a prearranged Roman themed craft activity. I then reappear to lead my new recruits through drill and battle tactics training. There is time at the end of the session for Q and A from the pupils. I have also been providing prerecorded interviews in character for Tyne and Wear Museums podcasts. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

 Kind regards, Steve.

Interactive historical interpretation.

 Roman army , Gladiator , Anglo - Saxon warrior , Tudor executioner.

 T. 0191 2895143

M. 0791 4092103


Euxton St Mary's School pupils enjoy a virtual visit to Helmshore Textile Museum


Pupils and staff from St. Mary's Catholic Primary School paid a virtual visit to Helmshore Textile Museum last week.

Using CLEO videoconferencing, pupils were able to speak to an expert from Lancashire Museums Service based at Helmshore Textile Museum.

The pupils took part in the session 'Late Victorian working Life'. This session introduces the children to what life would have been like for children living and working in the late Victorian period.  This is introduced through the daily life of a nine year old boy, Bobby.  The children compare and contrast their daily activities with those of Bobby, whilst finding out more about working at Helmshore Textile Mill.

Award winning VC sessions available from National Archives


Hello to History Teachers,

 The National Archives Education Service is currently taking bookings for our totally free Victorian Children in the Mines videoconference sessions in June (8th-9th) and November (2nd-4th) 2011 for KS 2 students.  Full details of the videoconference are available at:

Led by a costumed interpreter portraying a government employment commissioner, your students will play the roles of 19th century children and answer his questions about conditions in the mine where they work using original documents from our collections.

 If you're interested in making a booking please call our Onsite Education team on +44 020 8392 5365 or drop us an email at education@nationalarchives.gov.uk.

 Complete details of all our videoconferencing sessions are online at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/videoconferences.htm

Hope you can join us 
Jo Pugh
Education & Outreach
The National Archives

Dear Friends
The purpose of this brief email is to advise you of an exciting exhibition and summit, looking in detail at the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs), which is taking place at the Burnley & Pendle Faith Centre during w/c 20 June and w/c 27 June 2011.
The study is targetted at KS3/Year 9 students and will be delivered in partnership with:-
  • Lancashire Global Education Centre - Preston
  • Global Link - Lancaster
  • Cumbria & Lancashire Education OnLine - Lancaster
Full details are available in the attached draft document. 
I would draw your attention to all five pages - especially page 5
We are very much looking forward to welcoming students from across East Lancashire, who will have the opportunity to engage in interesting role plays, talk with experts via Video Conference links and so on.
Would you kindly share this information with the your relevant colleague(s) at your college, who are directly involved in these global issues.
If you college has established Global Partnerships e.g. schools in Africa or Central America or wherever, we would be interested to hear from you. If not, this event could well be an excellent opportunity to develop such relationships.
If you would like to be involved in this study, please confirm your interest by emailing me on the this address by Friday 6th May 2011 latest.
I look forward to hearing from you.
May I wish you a very Happy Easter when it arrives.
Best wishes
Terry Murnane
Community Faith Co-ordinator
Burnley & Pendle Faith Centre
Burnley Campus
BB10 1JD
tel 01282 682275
mob 07766 577 914

Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre hosts another VC session


Terry Murnane (standing) from the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre with Peter and Carol Fothergill.

Peter and Carol are part of the Baha'i Faith Community in Burnley and Pendle which meet every week at the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre.

As part of the CLEO Videoconferencing Project, Peter and Carol spoke to teachers and pupils at Brownedge St Mary's School about their Faith. The session was excellent and gave pupils and staff an insight into the Baha'i Faith on a personal, regional and international level. We are hoping this is the first of many sessions that Peter and Carol will be able to do for schools.

"Our pupils had a very positive experience and throughly enjoyed learning about a new faith in a different way. Thank you to yourself, Carole, Peter and everyone else who was involved!!"



English Civil War videoconference session from the National Archives

Hello to History Teachers,

This is to let you know that The National Archives Education service still have some slots free for our English Civil War videoconference session on the 18th May 2011. We also have one afternoon slot (after 2.30pm) available on Tuesday 17th.

Full details of the videoconference are available at:

Briefly the session takes students back to the 1640s, where two costumed interpreters playing a Royalist and a Puritan will lead them in a (sometimes heated!) debate over the causes of the Civil War. Students will work with original documents (such as notes from the trial of Charles I) to back up their arguments and understand the deep divisions within the country.

If you're interested in making a booking please drop us an email at education@nationalarchives.gov.uk

King or for Parliament, we hope to see you in a few weeks

Jo Pugh

Education & Outreach
The National Archives

Parasitic Worms at the Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum would like to offer an opportunity to A Level groups, to take part in a streamed 'Meet the Scientist' session on Monday 28th March 2011, 12-12.45 pm.

Eileen Harris, Curator of parasitic worms, Zoology Department.

Parasites form one of the most significant invertebrate groups on the planet. All life forms, ranging from insects to blue whales, have their own parasite fauna. Apart from causing human tropical diseases, such as schistosomiasis and onchocerciasis (river blindness), they can affect host-behaviour in many ways and, in the case of endangered species, sometimes threaten their very survival.

Eileen will talk about some of the work undertaken by the Parasitic Worms Group in the Museum. She’ll discuss tapeworms, flukes and parasitic nematodes, illustrating some of the practical aspects of taxonomy and how our knowledge of their life cycles can help solve many of the veterinary and commercial problems that we are asked to deal with.

Read more about Eileen’s area of work:


 Pupils will be able to ask questions during the session by emailing in. Please contact g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk for more information.

 Best wishes

Grace Kimble

 Schools Programme Developer

FREE VIDEOCONFERENCE with photojournalist Martin Jenkinson, provided by the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

 Suitable for GCSE/AS History students and Photography students

 Please see the attached PDF for more information and contact the Education Officer to book by email:

 Jayne Ambrose, Education Officer

Jayne.ambrose@ncm.org.uk or phone 01924 848806.

Videoconference Assembly with the Natural History Museum


Videoconference Assembly with the Natural History Museum ( KS1 – A-level) Over 300 scientists work at the Natural History Museum, studying Zoology, Botany, Paleontology, Entomology and Mineralogy. NHM are offering videoconference assemblies to Primary and Secondary schools about Science at NHM. It will be a session (approx 20 mins) with school programme developer Grace Kimble, who will introduce the museum's research by showing specimens for pupils to identify. There will also be time for questions. Since this is a developing programme, sessions will be matched closely to your needs. If you wish to send in topics your pupils are studying, we can select specimens that will extend prior learning from KS1 to A-level. 

This would make an ideal activity during National Science and Engineering Week: 11th-20th March 2011. Sessions are available from 8.30am. 

Contact Grace Kimble: g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk  to book a session.

Barbara Bush reading Event via VC


Former American First Lady Barbara Bush enjoys sharing her love of reading during story time. She will read from "First Ladies, Women Who Call The White House Home" by Beatrice Gormley.  

 The videoconference is on 3rd February at 3pm to 4:15pm (UK time), and is recommended for Students aged 8 and above.

 Your students will receive a copy of the book that will be read. Last year 27,000 across Texas participated and received a book.  This year they've purchased 30,000 and hope to give away a book to every child who saw or participated in the event around the world.

 Register here: http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/museum/events.php?id=490


VC Sessions available from US


I am Tommy Bearden, Distance Learning Consultant for Region 14 Education Service Center in Abilene, Texas. I provide video conferencing services to 42 predominately rural school districts in central west Texas. Several of my schools have entered the Kids Creating Community Content (KC3) virtual field trip contest. http://kc3.cilc.org/

 In preparation for the contest, I am distributing information about the available programs nationally and internationally seeking sites that might want to receive a program. All the programs are ‘FREE’. We are just looking for sites to practice our programs with. My schools would absolutely love to share their programs with your students. We have all kinds of topics including but not limited to: Native American Indians, Buffalo Hunting, Horse Back Riding, Wind Energy, Spider Rock Treasure, Wild Hogs, Cotton, Stagecoaches, Ghost Towns, Mammoths, Peanuts, B1 Bombers, 6 man football, etc. Most are geared for elementary audiences but a couple are for MS/HS students. Some of the programs will have websites where the requesting teacher can access ‘pre-conference’ activities for their students but at this stage, not all of my schools have built their websites yet.

 To see a list of available programs, please go to: http://www.esc14.net/default.aspx?name=KC3Practice

My schools can dial direct to you or you can dial into to them. Dialing in instructions are also posted on the website.

 To request a program, simply email the teacher from the originating school and set up a date and time. Checking the time zones – we are 6 hours behind Great Britain so 8:00 am here would be 2:00 pm there. Most of my schools start at around 8:00 am so I am sure programs can be scheduled starting at around 8:15 am our time / 2:15 pm your time. Depending upon the number of questions asked, the programs will run 30 to 45 minutes.

 If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to email me or better yet – ring me on video at

 Tommy Bearden

DL Consultant

Region 14 ESC

(325) 675-8668

LAN: 3668


Forest Schools Partners


Dear Colleagues,

 I am a teacher educator in Leicester, UK, hoping to establish a link between one or more of our student -teachers (primary/elementary) who are interested in exploring the ‘Forest School’ concept with teachers and/or trainee teachers either in the UK or in other countries.

 The idea originated in Sweden, and I think also takes place in other European countries, including Finland.

 The idea is for an exchange via videoconferencing between the UK student teacher(s) and colleague(s) elsewhere in Europe* who has experience of Forest Schools, with a view to (a) developing understanding of how Forest Schools ‘work’ and (b) potentially developing collaborative curriculum activities.

If anyone can suggest a potential partner, I would be pleased to hear of it.

Many thanks

Chris Comber

Free VC sessions from the Met. Office


The Met Office are offering free video conferences for key stage 1-4 pupils in England. Video Conference topics available are Weather, Climate change and Weather forecasting  For more information and to book your session with the MET Office visit here: 

CLEO Videoconferencing helps Yorkshire school beat the snow


The snowy weather was not going to stop staff and pupils from Deanfield School in Calderdale. When their field trip was cancelled and all the pupils dressed up ready for a World War 2 'Evacuation,' the school phoned staff at Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning. The staff were able to call on partners from the National Education Network and arrange a videoconferencing session with the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, Cumbria. The Beacon Museum is part of the CLEO Videoconferencing Project and provide curriculum sessions for pupils connected to the National Education Network.

Pupils commented..

‘I really enjoyed the live show because we could see all the different gas masks’.

‘It was brilliant to meet someone that had really been in the war’.

‘I liked all the items that you showed to our class that were from the war’.

On behalf of all our Y4 pupils I would like to say thank you for putting together an interesting and informative video conference on World War II Home Front at such late notice! As you know our class were dressed up as evacuees and were looking forward to an educational visit to Eden Camp, however; due to the bad weather their coach trip had to be cancelled! The video conference that you put together for us helped ‘save the day’!

Thank you
Mrs. A. Hulme
ICT Technical Manager

CLEO VC Project is runner up in National Awards


The CLEO VC Project was runner - up in the Schools Videoconference Awards 2010.

A big thankyou to all of the museums and collections involved in the Project who have worked hard to make it such a success.


Portal for setting up School partnerships with France



VISIOLANGUES is a collaborative foreign language video conferencing portal created by the Montpellier Academic Mission for ICT in Education (MATICE).

The portal enables teachers from the Montpellier region to pair up with overseas colleagues who are seeking partnerships in France, and concerns only those who wish to involve their students in communicative activities based on video conferencing.

The service functions on an “exchange and mart” basis, whereby participants are able to view other requests for partnership once they have registered their own proposition.

On your first visit you will asked to register and give a number of useful details concerning your school.

Once your proposition is approved by a member of the Visiolangues team, a personal password will give you access to a list of schools that are already registered, and you will be able to make contact with the colleague(s) of your choice via e-mail.
Please keep us informed about how your partnership progresses!

Frédéric WOILLET - frederic.woillet@ac-montpellier.fr


VC Partners from JA.NET


If you would like a videoconference (VC) partner school then JANET VC Partners can find one for you.

VC Partners is pilot programme for UK schools and for London to New York schools. Although a hardware VC system can povide better qaulity, you do not need one to do this as there is a software desktop VC system (for use with a web cam) available for free.

Please complete one of the request forms linked below. Once another school with similar criteria has requested a partner, we will exchange introductory emails between you and your new VC Partner. If you want another partner simply make a new request.

Responding to requests and creating partnerships is currently a manual process which takes place on Friday each week. For any questions about the partnering process please email vcpartners@ja.net.

For UK Schools -Request a VC Partner School in the UK

For Schools in London or New York - Request an international VC Partner School

Suggestions for educational activities


Simple Videoconference Actvities

There are many different formats for activities over videoconference. Here are some simple ideas to get new partnerships off to a good start.

3 simple starter ideas for International VC activities

    1. Famous People from my Country,
    2. The Habitat Exchange,
    3. Film or Book Club Debate.

A list of 66 activities from Torfane School Teachers

With every activity it is important that both teachers/coordinators have discussed in advance what will happen and have preferably met by videoconference to run through the event a few days before.

For technical assistance and to book a videoconference


Register with the JANET Videoconference Service (JVCS)
(UK Schools only)

The JANET Videoconference Service (JVCS) can assist registered UK schools with videoconfernces, nationally or internationally. Local Authorities and Regional Grids for Learning may also be able to advise on registering with JVCS. There is no charge for state-funded UK schools.

Register or make a booking with JVCS

Making a JVCS Booking - 5 Steps towards a sucessful Videoconference (PDF)



The National Coal Mining Museum are inviting Secondary Schools and Colleges to videoconference with photojournalist Martin Jenkinson. Martin witnessed first hand the impact of the pit closures programme in the 1980s.

 The free session are available on 4, 10, 19 November 2010 and are suitable for KS 3, 4 and 5.

More information is available in the attached PDF. Please contact the National Coal Mining Museum Education Officer to book by email: Jayne.ambrose@ncm.org.uk or phone 01924 848806.

International Education Through Teachers Without Borders


MAGPI is pleased to offer this live webcast in partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on International Education (PaCIE)

International Education Through Teachers Without Borders
Live from the Pennsylvania Council on International Education (PaCIE) Conference 
September 30, 2010 | 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Target Audience: K20 Educators Interested in International Programs


Cost: Free!


Requirements for Participation: Advanced registration is not required for webstream viewing, and anyone with internet connectivity may view the stream. The webstream will be live approximately ten minutes before the event, with content beginning at 12:00 PM EDT. The stream can be accessed at: http://streams.net.isc.upenn.edu/Playerpages/magpi/MagpiVideoPlayer.htm

Teachers Need a Village, Too!  Many programs connect classrooms for shared projects, 21st century skills, or cultural exchange. Teachers Without Borders maintains that these global education programs are fascinating, but not sufficient, for teacher growth. We will connect you with some of the most committed and passionate teachers, and some of the best resources, from around the world. 

This workshop will help you break out of the cycle of isolation that plagues and destroy teachers and undermines the integrity of the profession itself. Consider it a café for new friends and a clearinghouse of great ideas. A philosopher once said:  “When you shake another’s hand, that is the time you truly feel your own.”  It’s about time.

Through the live webcast, you can join your local colleagues onsite at PACIE along with: 

  • Teachers Without Border’s Founder, Dr. Fred Mednick
  • Teachers Without Border's Program Director, Dr. Konrad Glogowski
  • Teachers Without Border’s African Regional Coordinator, Raphael Ogar Oko, joining live from Abuja, Nigeria via video-conference

Join the Conversation!

Watching the webcast live? Add your comments and questions to the conversation via Twitter. Follow @teachersnetwork  and be sure to end your comment/question with the hashtag #TWB-PACIE. (You'll need to create a free Twitter account  in order to submit questions or comments).

About Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders is a non-profit, international organization with a small staff and a membership of over 6,500 in over 180 countries. Their programs are conceived by, led, and developed by local education leaders and supported by a global network of colleagues.

More Informationhttp://www.magpi.net/Community/Programs/International-Education-through-Teachers-Without-Borders

You are invited to take part in an International School VC event on Immigration and Human Movement.


The event, for students aged 8 to 18, will consist of a series of expert presentations from the US and UK between 20 September and 15 October 2010. Students groups are also invited to prepare presentations for an international videoconference on 19 October.


A flyer is attached and more information is available on the project website. To register for the expert presentations or to provide a student presentation visit  http://k20.internet2.edu/immigration

Local authorities September international programmes update from Global Gateway


Dear Colleague
What is on offer for schools in your area?

 Connecting Classrooms - East Asia, India, Latin America. The recruitment for this popular programme has now opened; please let us know if you are interested in putting together an application (which needs to be from a group of schools) so we can help you run a recruitment. This programme is ideal for schools who would like support and grant assistance with setting up their international partnership. Deadline October 29

We can assist schools to start the European programme, Comenius this term - this means they need to contact us about finding partner schools and arrange a preparatory visit before Christmas. We also have some availability on Comenius contact seminars. Comenius can attract funding of up to €22,000. Reply for more details so we could promote this in your area.

Global School Partnerships - This programme is running grant preparation seminars and introductory workshops around the UK this term. Check with us to find out what is available nearest to you and when.

International School Award results 2010

975 schools have just been awarded the 2009-10 ISA. If you'd like to know the schools in your area who were successful, please let us know!

 Link to Learn - our annual competition to celebrate international work.

The 2010 HSBC/British Council Link2Learn Awards are now open at http://www.globalgateway.org/L2L. Valuable cash prizes to be won for international co-ordinators, schools and local authorities so apply TODAY!  Closing date is Monday 27 September 2010.

Liz Hitchcock
editor, www.globalgateway.org
Managed by British Council
Bringing an international dimension to education

Contact on (44) 020 7389 4817
Education Science & Society
British Council
10 Spring Gardens
London SW1A 2BN

Natural History Museum VC opportunity


Dear all, 

We have an  some exciting Videoconference events you may wish to take part in:

 Paraguay 2010: A Journey Into the Wild

In November, 20 scientists from across the Museum will travel to the dry chaco in Paraguay to conduct the first biodiversity survey of this region and find species new to science. Joining forces with their local counterparts, everything is on their wish list: spiders, mosquitoes, beetles, worms, plants, snails, butterflies, birds, wasps, lichens, fossils and termites. The chaco is one of the great under-explored areas on Earth and the trip is sure to be packed with interesting discoveries and dramas. Follow the progress of our intrepid scientists as they take a journey into the wild. Share the highs and lows of life in the wilderness in our daily blog and find out what it’s like to live and work in the largest dry forest in South America as we link live from the comfort of the Attenborough Studio.

This is a preview and information has not yet been released widely but we wanted to give you information to help with planning.  

Opportunities for schools
1. Pre-expedition VC with a scientist in October
2. Expedition VC when scientists are in Paraguay in December (6th)
3. Post-expedition VC with a scientist in January

You may take part in 1-3 sessions.
If you wish to take part in any of the sessions there will be a compulsory test VC, which pupils can also take part in, late September.

Although dates are TBC, we would like to invite you to contact us if you would be interested, as the format we use depends on the numbers participating.

At this stage, if you may be interested in taking part with your pupils (it will be suitable for all secondary pupils) please could you email
g.kimble@nhm.ac.uk stating:


Year group of pupils
Number of pupils

Many thanks

With best wishes


Grace Kimble

Schools Programme Developer

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road

Tel: 020 7942 6006

Fax: 020 7942 5175

Internation VC Event 'Bill of Rights for the Internet'


Constitution Day Student Summit
September 17, 2010 9 AM – 1 PM EST
The project will support a day-long “Constitution Day Student Summit” for students in 15 southwest regional school districts. The students will apply the principles of the US Constitution to the regulation of the Internet by creating a “Bill of Rights for the Internet”. Students at Cornell High School for the event will work with students in (four) other countries through videoconference.  Participating students will share ideas prior to the event through a webpage modelled after the “Letters to the Next President” site (http://www.letters2president.org/).

  • Students will analyze the relationship between national and international laws.
  • Students will assess how other countries view and interpret fundamental freedoms.
  • Students will draft an international agreement defining what rights individuals should have on the Internet.

Schedule of Events:

  • 9:00 – 9:15 Welcome
  • 9:15 – 10:00 Panelist Discussion forum on Fundamental Freedoms and the Internet (Students will have the opportunity to backchannel during this portion of the event).
  • 10:00 – 10:30 Q&A with Panelists
  • 10:45 – 11:45 Breakout Sessions (Students will work though scenarios and develop a component of a “Bill of Rights for the Internet”. Each breakout session will develop language for the “Bill of Rights for the Internet” related to one of the following concepts: Free Speech, Privacy, Content Filtering, and Access.
  • 12:00 – 1:00  Break-out Groups Report to Group (Students will have the opportunity to backchannel during this portion of the event).

Press Announcement at: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10175/1067802-57.stm

Reference materials list:

To start the discussion:

Clark Rogers of the National Flag Foundation shares…(from the China hearings of the Congressional Executive Commission on China)…
"The recent Google controversy with China raises the question of whether China's regulation of the Internet is both a human rights and a trade issue. Witnesses will examine the challenges and hazards China's regulation of the Internet poses both to advocates of free expression and to foreign companies doing business in China; and possible ways for policymakers and private actors to respond to China's regulation of the Internet from both the human rights and trade perspectives. Witnesses will include technology industry representatives and human rights advocates."

Tim Boundy [Tim.Boundy@JA.NET]

Please let the Tim Boundy at JA.NET know if you would like to take part.

You and your class are invited to attend Night and Day by Videoconference between 09:30 and 12:30 on the 21st June 2010.

 This international event is for Key Stages 1-3, and will explore the changes from Night to Day across the world. There will be contributions from the National Space Centre, Natural History Museum and an Australian Observatory.

 To register please go to www.nightandday.embc.uk.com. Spaces are limited and you will need to have registered by the 16th June.

 Classes can also join using JVCS Desktop so do not need to have a hardware VC system.

See the PDF attached and the web site for further details. The event is jointly managed by JANET(UK) and embc.


I hope you can join us for the event on the 21st June – the Summer Solstice.

Free videoconference with Author Alan Gallop KS 3 - 4


We now have an exciting one-off opportunity to offer a FREE videoconference with author Alan Gallop on Friday 2 July 2010. 

Alan Gallop is the author of Children of the Dark, an insightful book that investigates the children who worked in 19th Century coal-mines and the legislation that stopped them:

 Victoria’s Children of the Dark tells the story of Queen Victoria’s invisible subjects – women and children who laboured beneath her ‘green and pleasant land’ harvesting the coal to fuel the furnaces of the industrial revolution.  Following the real fortunes of seven-year-old Joey Burkinshaw and his family, Alan Gallop recreates the events surrounding the 1838 Husker Pit disaster at Silkstone, Yorkshire – a tragedy which led to better working conditions for miners.

 Chained to carts and toiling half-naked for eighteen-hour shifts in near darkness, children as young as four were employed by mine owners.  Yet it was not until the catastrophe at Silkstone when twenty-six children were drowned in a mineshaft that Victoria and her subjects realised that many Britons were existing in virtual slavery.

This powerful and dramatic account exposes the real lives and working conditions of nineteenth-century miners.  A gripping human story, Victoria’s Children of the Dark brings history, particularly the history of childhood, vividly to life.

ALAN GALLOP is an author, journalist, PR consultant and teacher.  He has links to South Yorkshire, close to Silkstone, as many of his relatives worked for the collieries until their closure in 1980s.  His books include Buffalo Bill’s British Wild West for The History Press.

 More information about the videoconferences:

§  45-60minutes long

§  Available throughout the day on Friday 2 July 2010

§  Suitable for KS3, KS4 or above

§  Suitable for History or English students

§  Include Alan talking about his research, his writing, and will include him reading excerpts from his book

§  Will provide students with the opportunity to question him further about his methods, his books or his conclusions

 As this is a one-off event, our videoconference slots throughout the day are likely to get booked up very quickly, and sessions will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

 If you have any questions, or would like to make a booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best Wishes,

 Stuart D. Berry

Assistant Education Officer

 National Coal Mining Museum for England

Caphouse Colliery,

New Road,



West Yorkshire, WF4 4RH

Tel: 01924 848806

Fax: 01924 840698

Email: title=mailto:stuart.berry@ncm.org.uk href="mailto:stuart.berry@ncm.org.uk">stuart.berry@ncm.org.uk

Looking for Inspitation for Video Conferencing?


My name is Lisa Bodenham and I am the ICT Advisory Teacher for Torfaen.  I have worked very closely with Steve Roberts over the past few years to develop video conferencing in our schools.  The majority of our schools now have a vc unit which is actively promoted with all our schools.


We have very strong links with a number of national and international partners (USA - Michigan, Texas, Ohio, New York, Canada, Hong Kong, China, National Library of Wales, Cambridge University etc) which allows our schools to undertake video conferencing on a regular basis - usually as a point to point conference or occasionally multi point.   


To help promote video conferencing and to support our teachers in developing their skills and confidence we have been involved over the past two years in the international JAZZ video conferencing project.  This is a week long project in June which fully immerses teachers in video conferencing as well as letting them develop projects and ideas  - to incorporate video conferencing into their curriculum.  As a result we have now over 50 vc projects written by teachers in Torfaen which are posted on a wiki - http://torfaenvc.pbworks.com/


The project brief is listed and when people are interested in doing a project they fill in their details in the linked schedule.  Every school also has their own folder to keep an audit of video conferencing they undertake on an annual basis as part of the wiki. 

Churchill War Rooms - Operation Fortitude!


The Learning team at the Churchill War Rooms would like to invite you and your class to trial a new, highly interactive workshop via Videoconference.  This session focuses on the role of the Cabinet War Rooms in Operation Fortitude, part of the D Day deception campaign.

Students will work in teams to plan and execute tasks contributing to the smooth running of the D Day landings by creating diversions, spreading false intelligence and broadcasting misleading media reports.  If you think your class is up to the challenge, and you would be willing to help us trial this brand new session, please get in touch with Beatrice Oakley, Learning and Access Officer, 020 7766 0132, boakley@iwm.org.uk .

Suitability: Key Stage Three and above

Duration: Approximately 90 mins.

Other expected commitments:  45 minute preparation lesson, at least 15 minutes follow up time.

This session will be available to trial from 4th May, dates and times are flexible.  Due to the length and involved nature of this content trial VC we will insist on all participants being registered and tested with the JANET Videoconference Service (JVCS), www.jvcs.ja.net/booking and would prefer you to have some prior experience of videoconferencing.  

“Inspirational Mathematics Live”


LGfL in partnership with Waltham Forest LA, Maths Motivate and the ATM would like to invite all schools to:

“Inspirational Mathematics Live”

For pupils:Thursday 17th June 2010


A series of half hour inspirational maths sessions scheduled across the school day, aimed at and involving a variety of pupils across key stages 1 to 4 (age 5 – 16). Creative, fun, problem solving and games based in nature, these sessions aim to entertain as well as to leave teachers with thought provoking ideas that can be used in the classroom.

To see primary programme click here:

To see secondary programme click here:

Please fill in the registration form before 12pm June 1st.  

Schools without VC equipment can still fully participate by using the new JVCS Desktop software with a PC and web cam, or just watch online via the live stream; all schools must complete the online registration form here.

Chinese New Year Video Conference – February 8th 2010 (8.50am – 12.30pm)


The London Grid for Learning, working in partnership with Redbridge LA, will be hosting a videoconference for both primary and secondary schools to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) on 8th February 2010 live from the Redbridge Teachers’ Centre.

London Grid for Learning is preparing to link up live to schools across London, United Kingdom and China using videoconferencing systems.

The event will exhibit the highlights of the contributions and achievements made by schools in Redbridge about Chinese culture in the local and national community from KS1 – KS4.

It will allow students to have the opportunity, through technology, to develop their speaking, listening and presenting skills as well as expanding their capacity to reflect on and aspire to the acquisition of the attributes that are fitting for a global citizen in the 21st Century.

The programme will include:

In-session discussion – pupils will pose questions to the Chinese presenter and London born actress – `Angela May` (focus on encouraging pupils’ to engage and communicate effectively with the presenter).

Presentations from individual schools in China and London

Thai Chi and Calligraphy Demonstration

Dragon Dancers

Opportunities for pupils and teachers to discover more about Chinese culture in their classroom

Please register for this event here.

Schools Videoconference User Group 2009


Schools Videoconference User Group 2009

The third Schools Videoconferencing User Group event will be held on the 19th November 2009 at the Museum of London, London Wall, EC2Y 5HN.

This meeting is open to all those involved in Videoconferencing at school level, including content providers and other educational institutions across the UK. 

The agenda will feature presentations from Schools, Local Authorities, Content Providers and the launch of powerful new features of the JANET Videoconferencing Service. Already confirmed are contributions from the British Council, The National Archives and a live outside demonstration from The Truck, a mobile video studio from Northern Ireland. Please see the agenda for more details on the day’s events.

The presentations will run from 9:45am to 3:45pm and a buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided. There is no charge to attend the event; however numbers are limited so please reserve your place early to avoid disappointment.

We will also be inviting commercial and cultural sector exhibitors to the event. All delegates are invited to take part in a exhibitor treasure hunt during lunch to encourage conversation and for the chance to win sponsored prizes.

We will be accepting a limited number of attendees and presenters via videoconference. If you are unable to attend in person and you would like to participate for part or all of the day via VC, please indicate this when completing the online booking form.

What to do if you wish to attend via Videoconference

Please use the online booking form to register your attendance via VC.

To join the event via videoconference we will require details of your H.323 videoconference endpoint  - JVCS Venue / IP address / e.164 number / ISDN number. If you are eligible to register with JVCS then we recommend that you do so.

If your system has a JVCS venue name then you will need to make sure that the Quality Assurance Test is up to date. If your site is not JVCS registered then we can bring you in as a guest using JVCS but you will still need to do a test with JVCS beforehand.


Please book your place using the online booking form. You should receive a confirmation of your place via e-mail within 5 working days of successfully submitting your online booking. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation then please contact the Events Co-ordinator at JANET(UK) by phone 01235 822200.


If you are unable to attend then feel free to send a replacement but please notify the Events Co-ordinator at JANET(UK) of the name of the replacement.

Please e-mail the Events Co-ordinator at workshop@ja.net if you are unable to attend.

London Symphony Orchestra

This November the London Symphony Orchestra will be offering schools across the UK the opportunity take part in unique video conferences with players from the orchestra.  The details of the programme are below; please contact Chris Rogers at chris.rogers@lso.co.uk with a preference for date and time if your school would like to participate.  Please note that places are limited, and we can only allow one video conference per school in the first instance.


Introduction to the Orchestra.
This presentation will feature a player from the LSO introducing the instruments and sections of the orchestra using a combination of sound clips and pictures, as well as playing their own instrument.  The video link allows the class to interact and pose their own questions about playing an instrument or playing in an orchestra.

Education Level: Key Stage 2/3
Duration: 35 minutes
Cost: Free to UK schools
Requirements:  Your school should have video conferencing facilities and allow us to book them through JVCS (Janet Video Conferencing Service)


Instrumental Masterclasses:
(Suitable for instrumentalists from beginner to around grade 5)
Inspire your students through masterclasses with players from the LSO.  Suitable for small groups, ensembles and individuals.  Instrumental and ensemble masterclasses available for trumpet/brass, violin/string and percussion (snare drum and xylophone).  LSO players can guide young musicians through GCSE, A-level and ABRSM or other syllabi.  Sheet music of all works that students will be playing must be forwarded one week in advance of the video conference.

Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: Free to UK schools
Requirements:  Your school should have video conferencing facilities and allow us to book them through JVCS (Janet Video Conferencing Service)


If you have any questions about the technology required to receive either of these video conferences, please also feel free to contact me.

Dates and Times:
Thursday 5th November
Introduction to the Orchestra or Percussion Masterclass
at 13.00, 14.00 or 15.00

Friday 6th November
Introduction to the Orchestra or String Masterclass
at 9.30, 10.30 or 11.30

Friday 20th November
Introduction to the Orchestra or Brass Masterclass
at 9.30, 10.30 or 11.30

Chris Rogers
Digital Projects Manager
London Symphony Orchestra
LSO St Luke's, 161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG
T: +44 (0)20 7490 3939
T: +44 (0)20 7566 2878 (Direct)
F: +44 (0)20 7566 2881
E: chris.rogers@lso.co.uk

School in London becomes VC Content Provider

Parkhill Junior school in Redbridge have become video conferencing content providers, using the JANET Collaborate prototype service This video explains how this was possible and how the school has used video conferencing to support literacy topics, collaboration between schools and  help differentiate activities for  a range of children.

National Poetry Day 2009

The deadline for entries for the 2009 National Poetry Day competition and video conference is October 1st at 3PM. 

Michael Rosen has also left a video message to encourage all schools to take part.  Click here to see it. mms://media.lgfl.org.uk/files/npd/2009/MRosenNPD09.wmv
After the huge success of last years event, LGfL are once again partnering with Havering LA and would like to invite you to take part in this years National  Poetry Competition. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day is `All about Europe`, since we will be conferencing with schools in Finland, Spain and France. So in order to celebrate this, we would like children to write poems about Europe. We are delighted that poets Michael Rosen, John Hegley and Paul Cookson have been secured to judge the finalists and perform during the VC event below. 

We would also like to invite you to take part in a videoconference for primary and secondary schools during National Poetry Day, on October 8th 2009, hosted from Crownfields Junior School, starting at 8.50 am and ending at 3.10pm.
Please visit www.poetryday.lgfl.net to see the programme for the day and to find out how you can take part.

Schools do not need VC to have equipment to take part, just the school’s broadband connection, to watch and participate in the online forum, so please register .

CLEO VC Project releases dates for 2009 - 2010


With a the new academic year nearly upon us, CLEO are please to announce the release of dates for their video conference sessions for the 2009 – 2010 year. Please go to www.cleo.net.uk/vc  for more information. To book any available vc session simply email details of the session required and your contact information to office@cleo.net.uk.

Again the reaction and feedback last year was very positive and we continue to provide what we hope is useful, quality and stimulating sessions covering a range of curriculum areas. As well as the usual favourites,  this year we have three more content providers coming to the project. Lancaster Castle, Clitheroe Castle and Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre are all currently training with the VC kit and developing their sessions. We hope to announce dates for Law and Order, Diversity in Faiths and Seasons very soon.

Salthill quarry VC session from Clitheroe Castle

The limestone geology of the Salthill quarry site warrants its designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) but the flora and fauna that has formed over this geology is also of great botanical interest.

 The vegetation shows varying degrees of soil formation and the site is also a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). The site is actively managed by The Wildlife Trust and volunteers.

Recently the trust and its volunteers have been reclaiming the Limestone grassland which had become overgrown. Bee Orchid, Wild Strawberry and Scabious can all be found in the meadow. The pond was also overgrown and the teams have worked hard to uncover the flag iris, rush and many pond animal populations that have begun to recover.

From September 2009 video conferencing sessions delivered from nearby Clitheroe Castle will look at the flora and fauna on this site and explore the changes of the meadow, pond and trees, through the seasons. Dates for the VC session will be released later this year.

Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre

Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre is set to become the latest addition to the CLEO VC Project.

The Faith Centre is located within the new Burnley Campus on Barden Lane, Burnley, built as part of the BSF Programme. The centre aims to provide a focus for the educational, personal and spiritual development of all young people and reaches out to all the communities of Burnley, Pendle and beyond. It is rooted in its commitment to be totally inclusive, welcoming all people who come in respect of themselves and others, and who desire to learn and grow. The Centre is a safe space where people of all faiths and none come together to tell their stories and share their values, beliefs and hopes.

From September 2009 video conferencing sessions from the Faith Centre aim to increase understanding and diversity of

British Council - Connecting Classrooms

Latest messages from the GLobal Gateway / British Council

The Link 2 Learn closing date for schools is Friday September 11th - please remind your best achieving schools to apply when they are back from holidays, and good luck to all local authorities applying for this award generously provided by HSBC. http://www.globalgateway.org/L2L

Connecting Classrooms -  If you'd still like to put in an application do let us know as we can support you to find suitable schools in your area - this will be especially welcomed if we have not worked together before!http://www.britishcouncil.org/connectingclassrooms (Getting involved)

Met Office Videoconferences


The Met Office have just announced a series of free videoconference sessions for schools and colleges in England. The conferences are available during November, January and February of the new  2009/2010 academic year. The Met Office videoconferences have proved extremely popular in the past, so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. Please visit the Met Office web site for more details and to reserve a session.

 Met Office Videoconferences : www.metoffice.gov.uk/education/teachers/video_conferencing.html

 The Met Office will be using the JANET Videoconferencing Service (JVCS) to manage the conferences, and any school or college must first be registered with JVCS in order to take part.

 JVCS Booking Service :  www.jvcs.ja.net/booking

National Poetry Day VC - October 8th 2009


National Poetry Day Videoconference - October 8th 2009   www.poetryday.lgfl.net


After the huge success of last year's event, London Grid for Learning (LGfL) are once again partnering with Havering Local Authority and would like to invite you to take part in this year's National Poetry Competition and VC event. The theme for this years National Poetry Day is `All about Europe`, since the event will include videoconferencing with schools in Finland, Spain and France.


Poetry Competition

In order to celebrate this, LGfL would like to invite children to write poems about Europe. LGfL are delighted that poets Michael Rosen, John Hegley and Paul Cookson have been secured to judge the finalists and perform during the VC event. Visit the link below to read about the prizes and rules.


Videoconference Event

LGfL would also like to invite your school to take part in a videoconference for primary and secondary schools during National Poetry Day, October 8th 2009, hosted from Crownfield Junior School, starting at 8.50 am and ending at 3.10pm. 


Please visit www.poetryday.lgfl.net to see the programme for the day and to find out how you can register to take part.

 More information is also available via the JANET Collaborate Opportunity page.



Tim Boundy, JANET Collaborate Project Manager. collaborate@ja.net

Speaking French collaboration


Parlez-vous francais?

Status   Seeking Partners
Contact Information   Frances vandenHeuvel
Education: Teacher
Education: High School
Hot Springs, AR
United States
Phone: (501) 622-5340
Objective of Collaboration   Our students are learning at all levels of French and desire to make contact with other French speakers from around the country and the world. We have thought of exchanging e-mails or connecting via Interactive Video, but we are open to discussing other ideas. If this is something you and your students would be interested in, please contact me as soon as possible.
Time Frame   February 2009 - May 2009
Target Audience   Education: Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12
Disciplines   Best Practice, Character Education, Community Interests, Fine Arts, Foreign/World Languages, International, Language Arts/English, Performing Arts, Problem Solving
Technology   IP, Internet 2,

Read Around the Planet 2009

Read Around the Planet 2009: A Celebration of NEA's Read Across America
February 23 - March 6, 2009
Sponsored by Polycom

Read Around the Planet teacher registration is now open! PLEASE READ the details below.

Read Around the Planet is for K-12 language arts and world language classes.

Teacher Packet and Lesson Plan
Whether you're new to this project, or a seasoned veteran, please be sure to download the ***new packets***! Many more instructions and interaction ideas have been added to the teacher packet.
Teacher: http://www.twice.cc/read/RAPTeacher.pdf

Also updated packets for support people:
Tech: http://www.twice.cc/read/RAPTech.pdf
Coordinator: http://www.twice.cc/read/RAPCoordinator.pdf

You are NOT registered until you have picked dates and times!!
Registration is in CAPspace under My Projects.

First you have to be connected to verified equipment in CAPspace. Read more at http://www.twice.cc/verify/  If you’re frustrated, discouraged, confused or stuck on the verification process, please contact Janine Lim at verification@twice.cc. We know it’s challenging, but the process is critical to get you a partner.

Teachers or coordinators can do the registration. More details and tips for registration online here: http://www.twice.cc/read/registration.html

Times and Languages
PLEASE make sure you choose ALL the times you can do. This will make it easier to find everyone a partner.
You can see the time choices here: http://www.twice.cc/read/step2times.html

Language choices are:
    American Sign Language
    French, Beginning
    French, Intermediate
    French, Advanced or Immersion
    German, Beginning
    German, Intermediate
    German, Advanced or Immersion
    Mandarin Chinese
    Spanish, Beginning
    Spanish, Intermediate
    Spanish, Advanced or Immersion    

Important Dates
    * Now through Jan. 9 Verification: Preparation by Coordinators and Techs
    * December 1 - January 14: Teacher Registration (Verification Required to Register)
    * January 15-24: Leftover Registration
    * by January 26: Login and view your matched partner details.
    * February: Techs do test calls and teachers talk to each other.
    * February 23-March 6: Connections occur.

Updated Project Website
We’ve updated the project website, so be sure to stop by:

Help and Updates
We also recommend that you subscribe to the TWICE blog to keep up to date on developments and issues:

Troubles with verification? email Janine, TWICE Verification Coordinator: verification@twice.cc
other questions please contact Sue, Polycom Sponsored RAP Coordinator: sue@twice.cc

looking forward to another great year of Read Around the Planet!

Janine and Sue and the TWICE Projects Committee

VC Opportunities with America

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration is a great place to find video conferencing and collaboration opportunities that are available in America. If you sign up to the website at www.cilc.org you can receive a weekly e-mail detailing all the latest opportunities.

Latest Content and Collaboration Monday 20th October 2008

Content Provider Programs

FrEE Poetry Made Easy With Adora - by Adora Svitak
In Writing Dynamic: Poetry internationally renowned child author Adora Svitak introduces students to the key concepts they need to understand in order to appreciate, evaluate, and create poetry.
Using images and fun examples, Adora introduces genres of poetry...
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

FREE Writing Program: What to Write--writing ideas for students - by Adora Svitak
Child author and internationally renowned speaker Adora Svitak solves the problem of "What to write?" once and for all. Adora shares her own sources of writing inspiration, and teaches students how to look for inspiration in the world around them. Adora outlin...
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

The Six Traits of Good Writing: Organization made easy with Adora - by Adora Svitak
The 6 Traits of good is a effective and practical way to learn and use a common language to refer to characteristics of writing as well as create a common vision of what 'good' writing looks like. Adora will use the 6 Traits model to demonstrate how to apply t...
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Public Library: Library Patrons

Don't Feed the Bully - by Brad Tassell
Author/comedian Brad Tassell in conjuction with his award winning novel for teens and preteens, Don't Feed the Bully presents a hilarious, magic, music filled program that engages as much as it teaches.
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 5, 6, 7, 8, Public Library: Library Patrons

Internet Safety Night-October 2008 - by RoundTrips
With seemingly unlimited opportunities, cyberspace may well have become the new "final frontier." How can we explore this frontier in safety? Be a host site for this evening program giving parents, educators and students the chance to interact with experts on...
Availability: Published Date(s) and Time(s) ONLY
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Parent, Public Library: Library Patrons, Community Leaders

Celebrate China - Chinese Mid-Autumn Day Festival - by The Service Center @ Clearwater
This program is a celebration of the joyous Mid-Autumn Festival, with a focus on harvest, relaxation, and family reunion. Chinese food and other customs relating to the festival.
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Public Library: Library Patrons

Celebrate China - The Lunar New Year - by The Service Center @ Clearwater
This program Celebrates China - the geography, the culture, and the customs. Students will learn Chinese greetings and courtesies, as well as common words, and culturally appropriate customs and behaviors.
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Public Library: Library Patrons

Celebrate China - Welcome to China - by The Service Center @ Clearwater
This program Celebrates China - the geography, the culture, and the customs. Students will learn Chinese greetings and courtesies, as well as common words, and culturally appropriate customs and behaviors.
Availability: By Request/On Demand ONLY
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Public Library: Library Patrons


HS Presidential Debate
Looking for a venue to show what your students have learned about our politcal system? Interested in seeing students apply what they have learned and observe what value influence their viewpoints?

We are looking for a US HS school with which to have an exc...
Status: Seeking Partners
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

1st and 2nd grade PenPals
We are in search of PenPals for our 1st and 2nd grade students. We would like to find partner classes outside Maryland and correspond once a month until April 2009. In conclusion of our collaboration we would like to video conference in order to allow the st...
Status: Seeking Partners
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 1, 2

3rd grade Pen Pals
I am a 3rd grade teacher and I would love to have writing as our activity. I was thinking we could use the 6 + 1 traits as our guide to create interesting letters and writing projects to share.
Status: Seeking Partners
Audience: Education: Grade(s): 3

Email collaboration on culture from another country
I teach computers to K-4th grades in Missouri. It would be great to have another computer teacher to collaborate with that teaches multiple classes of each grade. I would have each class create an email (1 email per class) to send to your class of the same ...
Status: Seeking Partners
Audience: Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4

Global Gateway


The DCSF Global Gateway is available for those who support international work in schools. There are many opportunities to develop video conferencing as well as other international projects.


Currently they are:


  • helping schools who want videoconferencing links with France or New Zealand/Polynesia.
  • offering introductions to a matched French school for any UK secondary (funding available)
  • helping schools get set up on eTwinning to get involved with Comenius
  • reminding schools with links in the Majority World to apply for Reciprocal Visit Grants (November 1)
  • looking for authorities who’d be interested in linking schools in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan for visits and projects in 2009 (We are already working with Birmingham, Manchester, Kirklees, Swansea, Blackburn, Wigan, Herefordshire, West Sussex and others.)
  • linking primary schools with USA and Australia for literacy and creative writing
  • looking for secondaries to take part in a huge climate change project with Plan International from Jan 09
  • Setting up an area link with Nigeria and schools in London and the South East

(add this list to your newsletter, you can just ask schools to contact editor@globalgateway.org about any of these opportunities)




  • Engagement with over 6000 schools across the UK during 2007-8 school year
  • 586 schools awarded the Full International School Award making a total of over 2000 (please ask me if you want the list for your authority)
  • Close working with local authorities leading to some with more than 70% of their schools engaged and eligible for international programmes and opportunities with British Council and other providers
  • Streamlined international projects to work alongside Eco Schools programme and Fair Trade



ISA Mentoring! Do your schools want to find out how to get the ISA from a local award winner? Please ask them to email editor@globalgateway.org to be put in touch with a school near them who can invite them round and show them the portfolio!


Congratulations to Durham Council for winning the 2008 Link2Learn Award for the local authority best supporting international work following Gloucestershire in 2007.


What does the Global Gateway do?

We offer link schools worldwide to suit an individual school or an authority-wide strategy.

We can supply a full excel spreadsheet of all the schools in your area involved in partnerfinding or accreditation for international work, and we can supply the following publications for you to distribute (free). Just drop us a line!


  • Statement of Intent (fast track for a  school to Foundation Level ISA)
  • What Makes A Great School Partnership
  • Put The World In Your Class
  • Latest school newsletter sent to those who request it
  • Advice on collaborative platforms such as Rafi.ki, eTwinning, ePals etc

Links to Hong Kong Schools


“We were wondering if you would have schools that would be interested in videoconferencing with our HK schools on November 5, 7, and 14? We have had a dropout of 3 US schools due to daylight savings time.


     The time we would be conferencing would be about 10AM UK time (6 PM HK time).


     The age group will be kids from 6-8, and the conference will last about 1 to 1.5 hours. I have attached the rundown for your schools to consider. I would be grateful if you could help us out”


Chun Bong  rn03smr@yahoo.com.hk


please contact Heather Pettit at SEGFL

heather.pettitt@segfl.org.uk if you are interested in this opportunity

Links to America


The Centre for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) would like Secondary school teams of up to 6 students, to develop and present a videoconferencing program about their community. The deadline has been extended (and may be a little flexible) so that UK schools can have the chance to sign-up. Please visit the website to see some examples and to enter the competition. http://kc3.cilc.org/index.html


Please contact Monica Cougan (mcougan@cilc.org) if you have any questions. Good luck if you enter.

National Archives


The National Archives would like to announce the launch of five new special videoconferences for Key Stage 2 and 3 students, focusing on the human stories behind history.

The addition of these new videoconference sessions brings the total number of opportunities offered by the National Archives to sixteen! All the opportunities, available for Key Stage 1 to AS Level and including INSET opportunities, are listed at the end of the National Archives article.

To read more about the new videoconference opportunities from the National Archives please visit the news story on JANET Collaborate via the link below.

News Story:


The National Archives profile:


Black History Month – KS2 Video Conference – October 1st 2008.

Please find below details of the Black History Month videoconferencing event forwarded on behalf of Mina Patel and the Primary ICT Team at Redbridge.  
The event can be joined via JANET Collaborate here:

I attach a flyer for a series of masterclasses for the next academic year. The sessions are aimed at Sixth Form students. Please circulate the flyer to those of your colleagues who may be interested.


Each session will have additional study materials supplied in advance and there is usually an opportunity to contact the lecturer by email for a fixed time after the event.


I am sending the flyer now so that you have the choice of circulating it at the end of this term (when everyone is busy) or at the beginning of next term (when everyone is busy). I shall send further reminders specific to each masterclass as it approaches.


At this stage, it would be sufficient for a colleague simply to register an interest by email so that I can communicate direct with the teacher rather than through you as an intermediary.

Many thanks for your continued support for videoconferencing.

Roger Bloxham
CLC Consultant
07967 347735
020 7598 4838

National Poetry Day Competition and Video Conference October 2008


London Grid for Learning would like to promote an opportunity for Primary and Secondary Schools in the new school year.

National Poetry Day Competition and Video Conference - October 9th 2008

London Grid for Learning partnering with Havering LA would like to invite you to take part in this National Competition. The theme for this years National Poetry Day is `Work`. In order to celebrate this we would like children to write poems about different jobs. We have lined up Alan Peat and Gervase Phinn to judge the finalists.

We would also like to invite you to take part in a videoconference for primary and secondary schools during National Poetry Day, on October 9th 2008,  hosted from Engayne Primary School, starting at 8.50 am and ending at 3.30pm. 

Opportunity: National Poetry Day

Organiser's Profile: Mina Patel at London Grid for Learning

Visit the National Poetry Day site find out about the rules, prizes, programme details and how you can take part  www.poetryday.lgfl.net

Rattlesnakes ! VC to Texas


I am the DL Consultant at Region 14 Education Service Center in Abilene, Texas. My job is to provide video services to 42 predominately rural schools in central west Texas.

In Region 14 we are trying to get students in front of the camera delivering content through interactive video. Recently I posted a student presentation on the JANET site about a program from 3rd Graders in Snyder, Texas called “West Texas Rattler”. (I joined the VC Users Group on JANET) The program is about rattlesnakes and is scheduled for May 6th at 8:30am Central Time which would be 2:30pm your time. I would love to find a school in Great Britain that is interested in receiving this program. If you would like to schedule this program for your 2nd or 3rd grade students (ages 7-9) just email me. All student presentations from Region 14 schools are free.

 There are other student presentations in a wide range of topics, grade levels, and curriculum areas. Although most of our 'student presentations' are currently booked, more will be added in the coming weeks. These projects are posted on the Connect2Texas website at: www.connect2texas.net Once there just click on "Check This Out". All of these 'student presentations' are also free - I am just looking for receiving sites. Registration for these programs can be completed on the Connect2Texas website.

 In addition to 'student presentations' I have 4 schools that are doing Virtual Field Trips. These VFT's are posted on the Region 14 'Special Video Projects' website at: http://admin.esc14.net/webs/ctsvideo/ These VFT's would also be free for your schools. Topics include Cotton, Fire Ants, Texas Black Gold, and Wind Energy.

I am sure my schools would love to connect with any of your schools as long as we can work out the time zones. I bet my schools will offer their programs at 8:30am to hit at 2:30pm your time. Most 'student presentation' last about 20 to 30 minutes and VFT's run 30 to 45 minutes. Just pick a 'student presentation' or VFT of interest and I will contact my teacher about offering the presentation or VFT at 8:30am our time, if not a little earlier. All connections are IP or I-2.

Because most of my schools get out for summer during the last week of May, 'student presentations' and VFT are offered only during the first 3 weeks of May.

If it is too late to do anything else, I would really love to find a 2nd or 3rd Grade Teachers that might be interested in the 'West Texas Rattler' program. We have reserved a session for May 8th at 8:30am Central Time in hopes of finding a receiving site in Great Britain.

If anyone has any questions, please email me or better yet call me on video at and we can visit.

Tommy Bearden

DL Consultant

Region 14 ESC

(325) 675-8668

6th Annual Around the World Videoconference.


Dear Friends:

Passaic Valley High School in New Jersey, USA, is planning the 6th Annual Around the World Videoconference. We are looking for international schools, with students ages 14-19, who would be interested in participating in this event.

The event will run from 8am Eastern Daylight Time (12pm GMT) on May 14 - 8am EDT (12pm GMT) on May 15, 2008.

We would like to videoconference with schools for 1 hour during the above time frame. During this 1 hour, students will have the opportunity to discuss cultural and current events. To enrich this experience and make the program a success, we are asking that teachers have their students actively involved in the online discussion board prior to and after the actual videoconference.

For more information about this program, and to register online, please visit www.pvhs.k12.nj.us/atw/atwregistration.asp


<http://www.pvhs.k12.nj.us/atw/atwindex.asp> - if you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at cusimano@chc.edu <mailto:cusimano@chc.edu> .

IF YOU ARE A U.S. school that is interested in this project, we invite you to watch the LIVE WEBSTREAM. The webstream will go live 15 minutes prior to the first interaction and can be accessed at http://commonsvcg.oar.net/MAGPI/ (click on "Around the World"). The stream can be accessed via Quicktime or Windows Media Player. We encourage you to visit the site and test your ability to connect to an archive stream prior to the live event.


Sabrina J. Cusimano

Director of Educational Outreach

Global Education Motivators

VC with BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra moved into their new home in The City Halls in January 2006. The City Halls is Glasgow's centre for music performance and education, and provides high quality, diverse and innovative music learning and participation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

As part of their learning programme, the orchestra have been conducting a pilot of videoconference sessions to schools in remote areas of Scotland including Castlebay School on Barra, Western Isles; Bowmore Primary and Islay High School on Islay, Argyll and Bute; Papdale Primary and Kirkwall Grammar in Kirkwall, Orkney and St Teresa's Primary Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway.

These schools were chosen as teachers and pupils are experienced users of videoconferencing technology. Their remoteness means videoconferencing is a valued tool in teaching and teacher training.

In line with the Scottish Executive's Youth Music Initiative, which aims to give every child in Scotland a year's free music tuition, the primary school classes are aimed at eight and nine year olds and led by players from the orchestra's woodwind section: Barry Deacon (clarinet), Ewan Robertson (flute), Tim Rundle(oboe) and Sarah Andrew (bassoon).

The sessions for secondary school pupils take the form of master-classes and are led by principal trombonist Simon Johnstone.

The National Youth Choir of Scotland has used the videoconferencing facilities at the City Halls to audition potential members in remote areas of Scotland.

The City Halls was one of nine centres taking part in a videoconference discussion with composer John Adams organised by the London Symphony Orchestra. Students from Glasgow University and secondary schools in Glasgow were present in the City Halls and, using JVCS, joined students from the UK and the Eastman School of music in New York to put questions to Adams.

The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra is now registered as a content provider with JVCS and will continue to reach new audiences in the future through JVCS and videoconferencing technology. The Orchestra plans to offer videoconference sessions with guest composers and conductors in the near future. Sessions will be available at no charge to the education community in the UK and worldwide via the JANET Collaborate Prototype.
London Video Conferencing Calendar 2007-2008

The London Video Conferencing Calendar has been created to offer schools using the London Video Conferencing Network (LVCNet) an easy way to start using video conferencing. Roger Bloxham from Lgfl adds "With the exception of the training sessions, we are happy for JVCS registered locations anywhere to join in our events within the constraints of the systems capacity"

Here is a brief summary of the types of session included in this calendar:-

• Awareness days: we have chosen a selection of days from the events calendar that we will be asking schools to participate in. We will be having Primary and Secondary sessions on these days that will enable schools to request a 20 minute slot to share what they have been doing on the topic;
• Aimhigher Masterclasses: our Year 12 Masterclasses are now in their third year having been such a success with school across London. These sessions have a university lecturer delivering a lecture designed to stretch the student’s knowledge. Students are then set a task to report back their findings the following week to the group with valuable input from the Lecturer;
• Content Provider sessions: a great opportunity for teachers and pupils to experience the wide variety of VC sessions that are being offered by a growing number of museums, libraries and archives;
• VC training: a practical hour long session for both teaching and non-teaching staff to look at the basics of booking a call and classroom management.
Unfortunately we are unable to accept connections from sites outside of the LVCNet system
Brief details of each type of event are given in the attached .pdf file and further information will be sent by email on a regular basis to all LVCNet subscribers.
For more information on the calendar and how you can get involved please email:
More information is also available on the Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea
City Learning Centre website at:
or the South Camden City Learning Centre website at:
Wakefield LA, YHGfL and the National Coal Mining Museum have been working together to develop a videoconference programme, initially primary schools.  I’ve attached a brief overview of the two sessions available – both free of charge.  The system is all set up at the museum, including green screen technology, and ready to go – all that is now needed are bookings from schools!  There has been some successful piloting of these sessions.

The museum has prepared detailed pre and post videoconference support materials that we feel are of a very high standard.

We would appreciate your support in promoting these sessions.  Brochures have been sent to 7000 local schools but these do not always find the right person.  Could you please contact your active teachers to encourage them to use these sessions?


Please feel free to contact Jayne Ambrose at the museum for more information - jayne.ambrose@ncm.org.uk

International VC Opportunity


Please read below for two opportunities from Patrick Ross on Prince Edwards Island (PEI), Canada. Please contact him directly if you are interested or have any questions.

Grade 5/6 class in PEI, Canada looking for similar grade to work on a new initiative of a "green school". My class won the 2007 environmental award for this work and would like to share it and work with another class. We use IP and are new to the video conferencing system.
I am also looking for any grade 1-8 class looking to do read-alouds or common interest books for children's own work.

Thanking you in advance,

Patrick Ross

St. Teresa's Consoldiated

PEI, Canada

English Civil War video conference from the National Archives


SEGfL Regional Broadband Consortia has recently funded the development of a new VC workshop at the National Archives based on the English Civil War. The session is targeted at KS3, year 8 and will be based on role play that will take you and your pupils back in time to 1642. The key characters will lead your pupils, who will be Royalists and Puritans alike, in an inspiring debate on the causes of the civil wars.  Together they will argue the causes of the civil wars and the attitudes of people to them at the time.


In order to prepare for and research their part in the debate, a pack of preparation materials and teacher’s notes, will be made available. The pack includes copies of original documents and simplified transcripts, such as the very important ‘ Petition from the citizens of London, Sept 1640’ on which the pupils structure their arguments.

 For further information please go to: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/educationservice/

New Video Conference available from Lancashire Conservation Studios

Britain Since 1948

A new video conferencing session is now available. The session – ‘Britain Since 1948’ takes a look at British culture and events in the decades since 1948. The session includes a look at objects and artefacts as well as discussing memorable events. The session is provided free of charge in conjunction with Lancashire Conservation Studios – part of Lancashire Museums Service.


Dates available are 9th, 16th, 30th May, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th June and 4th, 11th 18th July between 1 and 4pm.


For more information on this and all the other sessions provided free of charge by the CLEO Video Conferencing project go to www.cleo.net.uk/resource/vcproject

Free VC on Gender Stereotypes from the US

Multicultural Youth eXchange: Gender Stereotypes in our Contemporary Media; An Art-Based Videoconference Workshop

Dates: May 17, 24 and 31, 2007 (Participation in all programs required)

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. EDT

Target Grade Level: 6th-8th Grade Classes

Connection: H.323 Videoconferencing through Internet2 Commons; Internet2 Connectivity Required

Cost: Free!

Description: A quick survey of popular American media reveals a minefield loaded with exaggerated and downright unrealistic images of males and females in our society.

Female stereotypes primarily pressure girls and women to “look” a certain way, resulting in negatives consequences for females including negative body image and loss of self-esteem, eating disorders, job discrimination, domestic violence, and rape.

Equally as dangerous, male stereotypes send unhealthy messages to boys and men to “do” or “act” in certain ways. Such pressure to “act like a man,” reinforces in males that they should be tough, in control and dominant, leading to such problems as emotional violence against self, lack of respect for and aggression against women, commission of crime and violence, and even male discrimination in the legal system.

Using excerpts from film, radio, the Internet, television, magazines and newspapers, this workshop examines various ways in which males and females are portrayed in American popular media.

The purpose of this workshop is to give male and female students an opportunity to try to reach beyond gender differences to find what they have in common as students, young people, family members, citizens and human beings. The aim is to make these students more respectful and tolerant of one another and more secure in their own gender identity.

Session one of the workshop will consist of a presentation of source material in Powerpoint format, a review of pre-workshop study articles and open dialogue among the students. In session two, the artist/facilitator (Faye Kendall) will guide students through a visual art project, such as a collage, addressing issues brought up in the first session. In the third session, each school group will anaylse its art project during a videoconference presentation and a summary discussion involving all students will follow.

More information/registration: http://www.magpi.net/programs/myx-gender.html

New Video conference available from The Beacon Museum, Cumbria


This series of special sessions running throughout March has been designed to commemorate the bicentenary of the Abolition of the British Trade in Enslaved People on 25th March 1807 and help schools deliver the topic of slavery in the classroom. The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven are providing an interactive session where children will explore the triangular trade across the Atlantic and meet an abolitionist from the 19th century who explains the transatlantic slave trade, recalls life before the Abolition Act in 1807 and explores what happened afterwards because slavery did not vanish overnight.  Children will explore the products traded, the conditions for slaves during transit across the Atlantic, learn about slaves for sale on the plantations and help our campaigner write an abolition speech. Genuine and replica artefacts will be used along with documents from the Cumbria Record Office to demonstrate the role of Whitehaven and Cumbria in the slave trade.  The session will end with a consideration of modern-day slavery issues. For more information please visit the video conferencing section of the CLEO website or contact office@cleo.net.uk.

Free 'Romans' video conferencing from Royal Albert Memorial Museum


The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter is offering a new videoconferencing session on the Romans for Key Stage 2 groups and is inviting schools throughout the UK to come and virtually meet Romans from the South West! 

There are over 20 sessions available on Wednesdays, which can be arranged at a time to suit you, until the end of the summer term:

24th January
7th February
14th February
28th February
7th March
14th March
21st March
28th March
4th April
25th April
2nd May
9th May
16th May
23rd May
6th June
13th June
20th June
27th June
4th July
11th July
18th July
25th July. 

The videoconference session takes up to an hour.  All you need are one bedroom sheet between two, lots of interesting questions about Romans that you just can't find the answers to in books and up to 3 modern mystery objects.

When you videoconference with RAMM your children will:

  • meet a Roman soldier in full military dress - they had better be ready with plenty of questions for him... and they'll learn how to greet him in Latin too.
  • practise their speaking and listening skills by watching a toga demonstration, trying it out for themselves, then instructing our presenters on how to put one on.
  • play a mystery objects game - RAMM provide Roman objects with 3 definitions for each - your children use their thinking skills to guess which is right.  Make sure you have 3 modern objects of your own to play the game back to our Roman. 

Contact Kathryn Gallery at the museum to book a videoconference session or to find out more.

Tel: 01392 665963

General and Interactives Registration Now Open for Megaconference Jr.


Don't miss this exciting opportunity on February 22, 2007 from 7am EST to 7pm EST (UTC -5) to interact with schools from around the world.

The schedule of presentations is now posted. Join over hundreds of sites from countries all around the world including Portugal, Australia, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, England, Spain, Slovenia, Pakistan, and the US in the upcoming Megaconference Jr. 2007!

You'll also have a chance to win exciting prizes from our vendor sponsors so far - Polycom, Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), VuPorts, and Tandberg. Keep checking the prizes page for the most up to date list of new prizes and new sponsors.

Join us from sun up to sun down all around the world for this 4th Annual Megaconference Jr. global event Register now at: http://www.megaconferencejr.org/

Autopsy and Knee surgery via video conference


See a real autopsy from start to finish! Students will have a truly memorable learning experience by asking questions and interacting with a forensic pathologist, while watching a taped, ninety-minute autopsy.

Students receive an information guide on the autopsy procedure and associated careers.

Teachers receive an information packet and materials for pre- and post-experience activities for the classroom. The kit includes enough materials for 30 students. Appropriate for grades 10 and up. Adult and community groups are welcome.

To make a reservation to participate in this program at your school via videoconference, please use our online reservation system at https://education.cosi.org/eers/ .

We currently have one opening for one of our upcoming Surgical Suite:

Total Knee Replacement program on:

Wednesday, February 14, 2006 at 8:45am ET

********Surgical Suite (grades 6-12)********* Watch a live total knee replacement surgery via videoconference!

Students will be given a powerful learning experience by interacting with the surgeons and medical personnel in the operating room. Students will receive an information guide on knee surgery and the careers associated with the operating room.

Teachers receive an information packet and materials for pre- and post-experience activities for the classroom. The kit includes enough materials for 30 students. Appropriate for grades 6-12. Adult and community groups welcome.

To make a reservation to participate in this program at your school via videoconference, please use our online reservation system at https://education.cosi.org/eers/ .

Science in Conversation


The Science Learning Centre Yorkshire and the Humber will be holding the second 'Science in Conversation' event for science teachers on Feb. 6th, 2007, 4-5pm. This is a video conference to provide an opportunity for teachers to hear from and talk to scientists. It will address subject content and 'How science works' agendas.

The next 'Science in conversation' will feature Dr. David James, Centre for Sports and Exercise Sciences. 

Please apply through Science learning Centres web portal, and pass on details to your colleagues.