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Secure ACL's

31st July 14

What is CLEO SecureACL

CLEO’s Network routers are set up to control network traffic using Access Control Lists or ACLs. These act in a very similar way to a firewall, controlling traffic between schools, across the network and out to the internet.

What is changing?

Traditionally CLEO has kept strict controls on network traffic going to and from the public Internet but allowed greater freedom between sites within the private CLEO network itself. However, with the growth of third party remote access into schools and other threats such as malicious software introduced from external media, the network has a growing risk from security breaches. To minimize the risks across the network CLEO is now changing its policy to, by default, block all traffic between CLEO connected sites. There will be a process by which sites can request these ACLs to be changed to allow certain traffic to pass between specific CLEO sites. This will be known as the CLEO SecureACL Service

What does it mean for my school?

For most schools you will not notice any difference, internet access will still pass through the routers as will all other common services from CLEO such as videoconferencing and remote access.

An issue may arise if you have an arrangement with another school that relies on your CLEO connection. Examples may include one school providing IT support for another or a school which is spread over more than one site with shared IT resources.

What should I do now?

If you think you have a service that might be affected and would require an exception to be added to your list please contact your ICT Helpdesk who will talk to you about any issues you might have. Once it has been established that your service will require an exception then you will need to complete a Secure ACLs Exception Form. This form will need to be signed by the Headteacher and a reciprocal form must also be submitted from the other school(s) concerned.

The SecureACL Exception Form can be downloaded below

When will this change be implemented?

Schools in Cumbria will be changed from the beginning of October. We have not finalised a date for schools in Lancashire but hope to complete in the Autumn term 2010.

Where can I get further Information?

Your 1st line support service will be able to help with any queries or issues you may have.

Cumbria Schools

Cumbria Schools Helpdesk
Tel: 01228-221225



Lancashire Schools

The Westfield Centre
Tel: 0845 053 0006